FAQs Shipping Methods


Do you send the products to any country?

Yes, our shipping is available to any country worldwide. If for any reason your country is not included on our shipping list, please contact us info@acspshop.com

Do you have different Shipping Methods?

Yes, we offer different Shipping Methods, you can find all the information on the table below.

Standard Any Order ✔️ 4 - 6
Priority Any Order ✔️ 1 - 2
Free Orders Over 30 US$ ✔️ 4 - 6

How long it takes for my order to be shipped?

We try to process and shipped all the orders on the same day that we receive them. Just a quick reminder, we are located in Bangkok, Thailand +7 UTC/GMT, the time difference between us and the customer may delay the process.

When and how do I get the confirmation that my order was already shipped?

As soon as the order is shipped, the customer receives an email with all the related information, shipping date, tracking number, and links to check the shipment status. 

How long will take to receive my order?

Well, it depends on many variables, such as chosen shipping method, sending country, holidays, the season of the year, customs, etc. But most of the time, for example, using the standard service and shipping to the USA take around 3 to 5 weeks, rarely it could take longer. 

How can I track my order?

There are different ways to track your package, we can recommend:

  • Thailand Post 


  • ACSP Shop Webpage

    What can I do if my package is not delivered after the offered time?

    Sometimes the shipment could be delayed, due to third-party entities, such as Customs, the workload on the receiving country, holidays, etc.

    Also, may happen that the local post office couldn’t deliver the package to the receiver address, so, could be a good idea to ask for information directly, at your local Post Office or your mailman, or checking the package status, on the Postal Company web page.

    For more information, contact us info@acspshop.com