ACSP Shop, Formerly Beyonce Products. All The Products In Our Catalog Are 100% Natural, Formulated With The Most Potent Ingredients Clinically Tested

We understand that only the products formulated with the best ingredients provide guaranteed results.

Novacs Supplements are formulated with the most powerful Natural Ingredients, therefore, we can assure their effectivity. Novacs Dinax, for Weight Loss and Control. Novacs Flavonox Body Detox, expel the toxins and cleanses body organs. Novacs Himalayan, with Cordyceps to Boost a Healthier Life. Novacs Cutin, to whiten and rejuvenate your skin. Novacs Infineen, antioxidants to protect your body and your skin from photo-damage and oxidative stress.

Our Skincare line is formulated exclusively in France and includes a wide range of products that suits most of skin types and needs. One of the main ingredients in the formula of our Skincare Products is caviar extract. Caviar Extract is structured to deliver these potent-nutrients, directly to the cellular level of the skin exclusively. The most important properties of caviar extract are its moisturizing, nutritive, vitamin and retexturized qualities, all of which help to prevent aging to different extents.

By providing an external source of DNA, it is said that caviar extract is an ideal additive to repair skin damage and stimulate the metabolism of the cells. The structure of caviar is the reason for its success, it has a unique cellular structure and is composed of 50-70% water, like human cells. These facts accelerate the process of skin rejuvenation.

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