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What is SPF, PA, Sunscreen, Sunblock??

Which one is the best one for me? While one-half of the globe sees the sexy golden tan as an epitome of skin perfection, our eastern oriental counterparts have always sought refuge from the sun in the quest for porcelain skin. But no matter how solar-seasoned we each prefer our skin tone to be, everyone needs sunscreen. With so many on the market, how well do you actually know about sunscreens? What is sunscreen? On a simple way, sunscreen or sunblock is a solution containing protective chemicals which you apply on the surface of your skin to achieve some level of protection from the sun. How does it work? How does it protect our skin from the sun? Well, the...

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What is Hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation occurs when the body produces too much melanin due to sun exposure, hormonal changes, injury or even heredity, and there are several types of hyperpigmentation that affect Asian and other cultures skin. Types of Hyperpigmentation Lentigos  Also known as sun spots, are light brown to dark brown spots that develop on parts of the body that are more often exposed to the sun, including the face, chest, and back of the hands. Many people refer to them as “liver spots,” but they have nothing to do with the liver. Instead, UV rays stimulate the skin’s pigment-producing cells to produce more melanin pigment. Freckles Small brown spots that most commonly occur on the face, especially across the...

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